Radio streaming



Our stream of music is not an online community, it’s streamlined and private, hand-selected by DJ’s, record producers, vinyl collectors, music lovers and friends. Shared with love, just like we used to, one tune after the other. From back-in-the-day classics to essential new cuts, Stack is a great record store in your pocket: surprising and satisfying, without having to dig through any crates.

No algorithm, no data collection, no adverts, no hosts and no interruptions. Stack plays differently to other music stations and apps.

Our catalogue took two years to compile and is updated weekly so you’ll always discover something new. Choose a pace to match your mood (Fast, Medium or Slow) or plug in to almost thirty genres, from Afro Beats to Classical, Disco to Punk, Jungle to Hip Hop. Our guest mixtapes by creatives share some of their favourite tracks.

In our distracted age, Stack values the art of listening more than ever. Play is our most important button – and we are with you, wherever you go.